Frédéric THIVAT et Alexia JANIN

 Educateurs canins professionnels

Un cadre magnifique

Located in the Monts d’Or,
You will appreciate a space of games of more
3000 m2 to carry out your activities.

Entrainement chiens de sécurité

Graduate and expert, Frédéric Thivat has all the skills
to deepen the collaboration between you and your dog.

Agility Dog - Obéissance

Frédéric THIVAT and Alexia JANIN

guide you in your activities that will allow you to get great

complicity with your dog.

Frédéric THIVAT and Alexia JANIN

welcomes you to the wonderful place of the Monts d’Or. He will share with you all his years of experience, by offering various educational activities to share with your dog.