The Canine Club and its activities

 Monts d'Or

Situated in the heart of the hills surrounding Mont d’Or and and St Cyr au Mont D’Or you will discover a lovely place in the open countryside.  The canine centre is in a wooded setting.  If you wish you can stroll the nearby trails.

 L'Agility Dog

Agility dog is to educate your dog through play, familiarising him with obstacles to cross.  This course is for both dog and master.  It is an all-round sport combining obedience, speed and flexibility in a spirit of conviviality.

The advantages :

  • helps maintain the health of your dog

  • it is an aid to education and obedience in the presence of other dogs

  • This helps channel his energy and create a unique moment of complicity between you and your dog !



 ⇒ The arrival of a puppy
Toilet training
Staying alone and awaiting his master
Respecting the home
Getting along with other animals in the home


Walking on the lead
Walking to heel (without a lead)
Commands (sit, stay, lie down)
Maintaining commands
Accepting a new companion


Flyball :

Unaccompanied, the dog completes a course consisting of a series of 4 hurdles, at the end of which is positioned a box, the FLYBOX (the pitcher).  The dog presses the pedal of the FLYBOX, triggering the ejection of a ball which he catches and returns to his master by jumping the same 4 hurdles in reverse.

Like agility, Flyball is a fun activity that combines play and sport, while promoting a great complicity between the master and his dog.  It is above all a team sport.

From an educational perspective, the Flyball allows the development of skills such as, fetch, recall, speed, agility, jumping aswell as social skills.